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Our Mission

We will enable women, elderly and children to enhance their standards of living and strengthen our communities by making contributions towards the advancement of society through inclusive education, health and nutrition care.

Our Promise

We are committed to enabling the underprivileged to overcome hardships with communities through initiatives in education, health and nutrition, women’s welfare, elderly and child care.

Our Reach

Touched a million lives, with over 200 volunteers and a team of 52 members, with the generosity of our donors, all relentlessly pursuing to bring in a social change.

RISE was founded by Gargi Vairagare in 2011

The inspiration for RISE began with an incident at a restaurant where Gargi was approached by a young girl. Showing her injuries, the girl said she had escaped from an orphanage, where she was beaten up, and pleaded to be taken home. She said she would do any work, but didn’t want to go back. Appalled and unsure, Gargi took her to the police station and reported the matter, and the case was taken over by the police. A few days later,when she went to meet the girl, she was nowhere to be found in the orphanage.

This disturbing incident was the initiation point of RISE, with the hope that she wouldn’t have to ignore a cry for help ever again.

RISE is involved with many orphanages, old age homes and other organizations.

We adopt these organizations, and work with them to raise funds and donations. We also provide vocational training to the kids.

We create awareness about menstrual health among women, give them access to sanitary napkins and their disposal.

Our causes include Menstrual health and hygiene, health and nutrition, and education.

Current Donations

Building Stronger Kids with Better Opportunities

We are providing vocational training to partially blind people so they can be equipped to work in organizations.

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Overall Process

Raised ₹5000 Goal ₹50,000/month

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We are delighted that you believe in us, You can contribute to the causes we are working for by donating, volunteering and spreading awareness about the causes we work for, and help us get more people involved!

How you can support our cause

Your support can bring light to someone's life and build their future. Please consider donating to our cause. 90% percent of all donations go directly to support RISE's missions.

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